MSI MB problem


John Johnson

With a new 865 PE NEO P-2. WinXP pro S2
3 ghz Pentium, ATA AIW 9600, 512 Ram.

I took out my old drive in a similar machine (the MSI 845) and put it
in the new one, the 865. I did a WinXP repair install and it worked.
Had to reinstall a couple of progams but others it seemed find.

But from the MSI bios, your suppose to set it up one way (ATA config
to either PATA or SATA) and when I do, it will not fully boot gets to
the first Win splash screen and recycles into boot up.
But if I set the ATA config to both PATA and SATA, it boots but the
bios doesn't recognize the secondary ide controller.

If I boot to the SATA drive everything seems to work okay.

What Im thinking now is that there are some old hardware drivers
leftover thats hanging the drive up.

I didn';t have a chance (the older machine shorted out) to delete
anything before the transfer.

Anything I can safely delete now and just have Windows reinstall them,
without risking another full install?


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