movie maker tell when disc is in drive



I have recently replaced a CDRW/DVD Drive from Hitachi through Dell into my
inspiron 9200. It came with some software for movie making called cyberlink
which was already on my computer. Music Cds play and movie dvds work but when
I tried to download an edited movie from movie maker it won't recognize that
a disc has been loaded. These are brand new Sony DVD-RW and Memorex CD-R
disks I am usig. There were no instrux from Dell. What step have i failed to



Graham Hughes

Your drive sounds like a cd writer but only a dvd player, are you sure it is
a dvd writer as well?

MM does not make dvds, unless you have media centre edition, when it uses

I'm not sure what or how you are trying to accomplish your dvd/cd burning,
can you give more details, like the file type you are suing from MM, how you
downloading - is this imorting? etc




Or it could be that you don't have a Media Center PC. If you are clicking
"Save to CD" with a DVD in the drive Movie Maker will NOT recognize it as a
burnable disk.

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