Mouse pointer speed?


Bill Sanderson

I've a client who has little sensation in his hands. His preferred pointing
device is a Kensington Expert trackball, which has a large ball which he
operates with the palm of his hand, and 4 buttons. He greatly values the use
of the 4 buttons.

I've been able when on-site, to slow the pointer movement speed sufficiently
that he is able to control it. by setting both the Microsoft control panel
and the Kensington control panel speed-related settings to their slowest.

However, as soon as I leave, the thing apparently goes crazy, in his words.
If he holds down the shift key, the speed becomes acceptable, but he cannot
do this continuously.

Is there a way to achieve the slower speed triggered by holding down the
shift key (I think this may be a Kensington accessibility setting) on a
permanent basis?

Is there a way to plug the registry settings for speed and acceleration so
that they are set to particular values which work for him?


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