Mouse clickings begging to work after restarting explorer.exe

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Dmitriy Kopnichev

After closing the Novel Netware Login window, which appeared after clicking
print, mouse clickings stopped working in some areas. Mouse clickings
begging to work again, after restarting the explorer.exe. But restarting the
explorer.exe result in losing some information. How to prevent mouse
clickings stopping working?
Please, inform me of your reply: click Message menu, then 'Reply to all' in
Outlook Express (this sends your reply to the newsgroups and to my email
address at the same time) or inform me by sms to 79163876746 from or to my ICQ#135557327 or by messenger to
(e-mail address removed)
Mr. Dmitriy Kopnichev
e-mail: (e-mail address removed)


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