Modprof and multiple pst files


Scott Moore

I'm using Modprof for Outlook 2000 and I've got multiple
pst files to install per outlook profile. Supposedly,
the key "UniqueService" should allow me to add more than
one personal store when it's set to No. Well, when I run
modprof it adds the first one, but when I run it a second
time with the pst name change, it keeps the first
service, and actually enters a second service, but when
you double click the service, it says that no pst file is
associated with the personal folder and the browse
functionality is displayed to select a .pst file. When I
run modprof with the -S option, it states that
the "UniequeService" key is basically not know. Can
modprof not add more than one personal folder to an
outlook profile, and if so, how?


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