Mobile Laptop Users


Daniel Wier

We have alot of users who are on the move and need to
have remote access to their email and files, but need to
make sure they are backed up and we need to make sure
their laptops are up to date to prevent viruses. I
really am looking for how other corporate companies do
Currently we join all laptops to the domain and force
updates through global policies.
We redirect their My Docs to the server and have Sync
We require them to connect through a VPN to the corporate
network before they can get on the internet.
Outlook is in cached mode and syncs with the server when
they are connected to a company site, or connected
through VPN.
Many other lockdowns.

The problem is that when they are disconnected from the
network and not connected to the VPN, they can not create
files in their Synced MyDocs (offline) directory. That
is the major problem, but I am looking for any suggestion
on how other people do this. The error is that it can
not create the document. System can not find the
specified file.

Daniel Wier
Senior Computer Engineer
RJ Corman Railroad Group
(e-mail address removed)


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