Missing Drivers



I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 on a desktop system.
The motherboard I'm using is NVIDIA's nForce 680i SLI (video card is NVIDIA's
GeForce 8800 Ultra).

The desktop system is a little less than a year old. And Windows Vista has
been out on the market for well over a year. The problem I'm continuing to
experience is MISSING DRIVERS.

For instance, every time I put this desktop to sleep, when I wake it up
there's no Internet connection. The manufacturer has confirmed that this is
a Windows Vista issue (a driver that hasn't been released yet). NVIDIA says
it's not their problem. The manufacturer confirms this.

When I plug in my iPod I get error messages all over the place. After
contacting the manufacturer as well as Apple I was once again informed that
this is a Windows Vista missing driver issue. "It's Microsoft's problem," an
Apple representative told me.

There's a few other missing driver problems as well.

I just wonder if I'm getting the runaround here....? In other words, is
this really Microsoft's responsibility, NVIDIA's responsibility, Apple's
responsibility, etc., regarding these ongoing missing drivers?

I have the latest updates as far as Microsoft Update (I check every
morning). And yet 12-14 months after Vista's release, I still don't have
access to the drivers I need. This is infuriating.

Unfortunately, one can't really complain to Microsoft about these missing
drivers because Vista came with my desktop system and therefore is an OEM
product. Microsoft won't allow me to talk to them directly, in other words.




Pavel A.

Well I'd say that your problem could be not drivers but some
or hardware issue (bad USB cables etc.) It's hard to tell unless you post
exact error messages...



What makes you think there are missing drivers
iPod fine here
Takes about 15sec for the wireless connection to come online

Mick Murphy

Drivers are the responsibility of the Hardware Manufacturer, not Microsoft!
It is NVIDIA's Hardware, they have to write their Drivers to be Vista
Ring them back, and thank them for lying to you!




Drivers should be obtained from the manufacturers sites for the specific hw,
or laptop manufacturers site, and not winupdate


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