Minolta 2300w


Michael H

I have a printer which was stopped printing in the middle of a page,
by my daughter opening the front cover. I proceeded to close the
cover but it did not begin to print again. Instead it said that it
had a paper jam. I removed the half printed page from the machine and
tried to start it again. It then asked me to change the black
cartridge.(it is still 76% full). I happened to have a full cartridge
and attempted to trick the machine by inserting the new cartridge.
The machine will not accept the new cartridge, and continues to ask
for me to replace the black cartridge. Does anyone what is causing
this and can it be cured? I have uninstalled the printer and
reinsatted it twice without success. I have shut it down and
restarted it. Still without success. Any help would be appreciated.


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