Miniport bridge causing network to crash with ip conflicts


Timothy Byrd

Symptom: 11am tuesdays for 2 weeks network goes crazy
with ip conflicts. Last for about 4 minutes.

Cause: Went back to Windows XP profissional. Apprently I
tracked the mac address back to this box. I believe the
culprit is the wan miniport bridge. Over 100 computers
got ipconflicts from 2 seperate MACS. Both to this
machine. The mac on the wan miniport apparently changed
for no reason and started taking ips from machine that
were static and dhcp.

Has anyone else heard of this happening?

The machine is a IMB Thinkpad R40 with intel centrino
chipset running win xp pro sp1. On a Novell network.
Novell controls DHCP.

Please reply


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