Migrating from NT 4.0 -> XP and retaining the roaming User profile



Hey there,

My current customer engagement is engaged in a desktop refresh (NT 4.0 to
XP). They currently use NT 4.0 roaming profiles and have generally
accumulated about 8 years of gunk. In a somewhat misguided effort to reduce
costs the deployment team came up with the idea of bringing the entire NT
4.0 profile across to the new environment. That is, no migration is
undertaken, the user simply receives their new XP workstation and logs onto
the AD domain (an in-place domain upgrade has already taken place) and away
they go.. fingers crossed.

I've been bought in the short-term to basically ascertain why this might not
be a good idea, and establish what might break, what might look or function
differently etc. I was after any examples of what might happen in this
scenario. why this would be a shocking idea and not best practise, why they
should use USMT instead and so forth. I haven't had the chance to do any
extensive testing myself yet. But my initial tests would seem to indicate
that the settings do seem to transfer OK between NT and XP and vice-versa
(eg. desktop, DSN, printers, mapped drives etc).

Can anyone foresee any issues with simply using the same NT4 profile on
their new XP machine? Keeping in mind, there will probably be a requirement
to logon onto both NT4 and XP machines for the forseaable future?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Regards, James.


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