Migrate from Lotus notes to Outlook



The company with whom i am currently employed has just migrated from Lotus
Notes 6.5 to Microsoft Outlook 2007. In doing so we have been informed that
we are unable to migrate across to Outlook the Lotus Inbox, Sent items, Views
and all archived emails held within folders. Is this correct??
I have so much information that i require on a daily basis held within the
Inbox, Sent items and the archived folders that i am constantly having to
navigate between the two applications which seems ridiculous. Surely, i
could just pick up the items in my Lotus Notes inbox and put them in my
Outlook inbox? I'm not overly technical, however if this can be done i can
make a case to the IT function to migrate my email in what i believe to be a
"proffessional manner" as opposed to completing it in the quickest and
easiest way possible. Or if someone could direct me to some
information/tutorials would be great


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