Microsoft Shared Fax via Public Folders



I have been using Microsoft Shared Fax locally and it has been working great.
The problem I ran into is we created a shared contact list in the public
folders part of exchange so everyone can use the same vendors etc. When I
imported the contacts from excel they did not throw a +1 in front of our
local area code. I created distribution lists and they work fine. What I
can't figure out is now that it is in Public Folders and you add a "new"
contact it adds a +1 then the local area code. Well the fax will fax
everyone that does not have the +1 and will error out on the new contacts.
Has anyone ran across this before. I can't get it to fax long distance by
using the dialing rules aspect of the wizard. Any ideas? Thank you in advance
for your help. - E


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