Microsoft office, excel, powerpoint and wored



Just purchased a Toshiba Laptop with Windows 7, 32 bit. I downloaded and
installed Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition 2007. Everytime I open
excel I get a message box with stdole32.tlb in it, I click ok and the next
box says it is configuring Microsoft Office and then I get a box that says
'Office application version does not match'. I get the same Office
application message everytime I open powerpoint and word. Each program
allows me to enter information and save it. Why am I getting this message
and how do I fix it? Appreciate any help anyone can give me.



Beth Melton

Does the laptop also have a trial version of Office installed? Check
Programs and Features in your Control Panel to see if this is the case. If
so, uninstall the trial version and, if you can, uninstall the Office Home
and Student you just installed. Then install Home and Student again.

Note my 'if you can' reference refers to whether you still have the
installation media available. If you don't try repairing the Home and
Student installation instead.

Beth Melton
Microsoft Office MVP

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