Merging accounts in Outlook


Arthur Lipscomb

Hi. I could use some help/advice. I just had to reinstall Outlook
2010. I have the .pst file which I thought would restore everything.
But as it turns out Outlook restored the old emails but then set up a
new account which it is downloading new emails into. I've reinstalled
Outlook many times over the years and never had this problem before.

I was chatting with a Microsoft rep who said the problem was due to the
new account being set up as IMAP but he wasn't able to provide me with a
fix. I didn't setup the new account myself. Outlook did it
automatically when I reinstalled it. I'm not sure if the old account
was IMAP or POP3, but my *guess* is it was POP3.

Basically, I want to either merge the new emails into the old account or
otherwise delete the new account and just have the old one (It's all the
same email address). Preferably without having to reinstall Outlook but
I'll do that if necessary. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?



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