Membership database



I would like a suggestion on the best way to design a membership database in
regards to single and family memberships.

I am taking over this database from some one else. currently members are
listed by the main person who is interested in the organization, and a space
for spouse's name is on the form. However now we have some of the spouses
becoming more involved and on the same committees as their spouses. at
first I thought just create a new member, but how do I like that with their
spouse so I can still keep track of membership dues, (Family memberships are
$40, while single memberships are$25)

Thank you in Advance for any ideas you can give me



Allen Browne

You need the individuals and the families in the same table, so you can
assign tasks/donations/memberships etc to either an individual or a family.

There's a downloadable example of how to do this at:
Sorry: there is no web page explaining this, but it does demonstrate the
basic technique. It's around 40kb (zipped), and works with Access 2000 or

Jeff Conrad

Nice sample Allen!
This will definitely help with a project I am working on.
Thanks for sharing.



Jeff Conrad

Thanks Allen, that is very helpful.
I'm trying to build some table structures for modeling a "guest log" for food service operations.
The log could be used for many different purposes, but modeling the family structure
relationships/memberships was a little puzzling. Your sample should definitely help. Thanks again
for sharing.

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