Meeting Requests Not Appearing as Tentative



We are using MS Exchange 2003\Outlook 2003.

I work within an organization where a lot of users have delegate rights to
their bosses calendar as well as send on behalf of rights. That being said
here is the issue we are having:

One secretary sent out a meeting request on behalf of User A. User B's
secretary receives copies of User B's requests as well. When User B's
secretary received the meeting requests she checked on User B's calendar but
it did not appear on his calendar as tentative like it usually does. I
myself sent User B a test meeting request and we found that the one I sent
does show on User B's calendar as tentative before the meeting was accepted.

Does anyone know why some would show up as tentative sometimes and other
requests do not?

I checked User B's Outlook settings to be sure that the Process requests and
responses on arrival was checked. It was.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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