Media player 10



When I try to install Media player 10 during instalation I get a messege
telling me that it has not passed logo testing and to contact system
administrator. I am a user with administrative access yet I can't get it to
allow the instalation.





You can skip this warning and then proceed with the installation. If you do
not want to get this type of warning in future do the following.

To set file signature verification options

Open System in Control Panel.

On the Hardware tab, click Driver Signing.

Under File signature verification, the following options are displayed.

(1) Ignore to allow all device drivers to be installed on this computer,
regardless of whether they have a digital signature.

(2) Warn to display a warning message whenever an installation program
attempts to install a device driver without a digital signature. This is the
default behavior for

(3) Block to prevent an installation program from installing device drivers
without a digital signature.

M. Rajesh
..Net and Windows Shell MVP

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