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Running Vista Ultimate Media Center.
No one in the Media Center Newsgroup responded, so I am trying here.
The default guide has problems.
The tuner scans and finds channels but not automatically all of them.
Is this driven by the "guide"? i.e. only looks for channels in the guide?

I can manually add digital channels and then tune to them; however, the
"guide" does not show the proper programming information - it show the base
channel info.
e.g. in Los Angeles, channel 58.1 is found in a scan but 58.3 is not.
THe 58.3 signal is just as stong as the 58.1 signal
If I manually add 58.3 I can tune to it but the guide programming
information is for 58.1
Ditto for many others.
Is this a shortcoming of the guide or is there a solutiion?

This then begs the ultimate question - how do I record my classes that are
on 58.3 ? I cannot fnd any method of setting a record session like on a VCR
(date, tme, weekly etc). This is the crux ofthe situation.

Is there another way to record by specifying the date and time to record?



Gary Mount

You can go into Recorded TV, then "add recording". From there you can create
a custom recording.

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