MBR or More?



My setup:
XP on Primary partition on HD 0
Win 7 on Primary partition on HD 3
The multi-boot works just fine.
I purchased a new sata drive with double the capacity of HD0. I saved
the MBR from the original HD0. I used Norton Ghost to copy the
original contents of HD0 to the new hard drive. I then copied the MBR
that I has saved to the new hard drive. Removed the original HD0 and
replaced with the new "cloned" drive. System will not boot - just a
blank screen with a blinking cursor. Replace new drive with original,
reboot and alls well. So my question is do I need to copy more than
just the MBR from the original bootable drive? Any help will be
appreciated. Thanks in advance.





The MBR bootcode contains a JMP instruction to the first byte of the
bootsector of the active partition. Since the actual sector location depends
on the disk geometry, it is not transferable between disks.

To initialse the MBR bootcode, get hold of a good old dos bootdisk and type
This does not return any message, but resets the bootcode.

Alternatively, use Ranish Partition Manager, or FIXMBR from the XP recovery

You also need to check that the right partition is set active, of course.

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