Maxtor HDD Failure, swap controller cards?



I have a Maxtor drive here, it's a 120GB DiamondMax Plus9 SATA drive,
model 6Y120M0. One of the components on the controller card have
fried, meaning the drive will no longer power up.

I have another HDD here, basically the same except it's and IDE
interface. It's 120 GB DiamondMax Plus9. Model 6Y120L0. The
controller card looks identical to me other than the connector

Now, I need to get and data off the failed drive that I can (if any is
left!). The question is, can I switch these controller cards and
expect the drive to work OK, or should I try to source a 6Y120M0 via

One other question. What happens regarding partitioning - do they both
need to be partitioned identically for the data to come off OK?

Any help appreciated, I really could do with saving any files off this
drive that I can.

Kind regards,


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