Maxtor Ext HDD Query



Had this drive (5000DV) running fine through firewire connection on a
WinXP system. Haven't used it in quite some time. During that time,
only hardware change was installation of Audigy 2 ZS (w/ firewire
port). Recently hooked up the Maxtor; no go. Shows up in Device Mgr,
but not in explorer or disk management summary.

Currently 1) removing soundcard and trying 2) hooking HDD up to
another computer to test etc. etc. But thought I would query. Had
the Maxtor hooked up through an Adaptec Duoconnect. Haven't looked in
quite some time, but rather than a Duoconnect ID showing up in device
manager, I get two 1394 adapters. Can't honestly remember if that was
the case when I first installed the Adaptec card.

Open to any and all ideas and comments.


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