Mailbox and .ost have different sizes


The Count

I have found the same on my system. If you go to your
Exchange server properties (Mail Settings), and go to
the "Offline Folder File Settings", you can
select "Compact now". This will remove white space from
your ost file.
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Hi All,

I have been looking recently at using .ost file for
working from home and it is working quite well, however my
firm has quite strict limits on the mailbox size and I
have run into problems on this with the .ost.
For instance the calendar in the .ost reports as being
2331KB when in the online mailbox it is 1355KB ... that is
a 72% increase!
Inbox is 13430KB and 9688KB (39%), Sent Items 4761KB and 3769KB (26%)

I don't really understand why or how this is! Can anyone
explain? If I can understand how it works then I can work
out how to keep within the limits!


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