Machine works fine with USB keyboard, completely unusable with a PS2 keyboard

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Deployment' started by Paul Dolen, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Paul Dolen

    Paul Dolen Guest

    I've got a weird one. I'm setting up a few machines for basic word
    processing and other office type tasks. So, I figured I'd use 2000.
    I'm using Athlon 2500's with a Chaintech MB. Don't remember the
    model, but I can look it up if important.

    I haven't even had it on the net, I've just installed the OS from a
    SP4 slipstreamed CD, plus MS Office, and some other business
    applications. I don't know if related, but the last thing I did
    before I noticed problem was install Logitech keyboard driver and
    DirectX 9.0C. Anyway, for some very strange reason, if I have a PS2
    keyboard plugged in, the machine is just unusably slow. Like, it
    takes literally 30 minutes to boot. Once booted, it will literally
    take several minutes (like 5 to 10) to start any application. But, if
    I boot with a USB keyboard attached it works fine.

    Note that I've booted a DOS floppy, and used a PS2 keyboard, and all
    seems normal. So I don't think it to be a hardware problem with the
    keyboard or the PS2 port on the motherboard. I've also tried several
    PS2 keyboards with the same results.

    Given that I'm planning on setting the machine up with a USB keyboard,
    the weird behavior with a PS2 keyboard may be unimportant. But I'd
    kind of like to know what the problem is just to be sure it is not
    going to affect something else.
    Paul Dolen, Aug 23, 2004
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