Mac data recovery program recommendation



Card Data Recovery for Mac is the powerful Mac photo recovery
application that can recover deleted pictures from hard drive, camera,
memory cards, fire wire drives, USB drives, etc. as well as all
Macintosh based storage devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac,
MacBook, etc. It supports Mac OS X 10.3 and above. Moreover, It is
also compatible with latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Recover Mac data under the following cases:
1. Accidentally deleted pictures, video, etc. from storage media.
2. Empty recycle bin or trash without backup
3. Falsely eject USB drives, pen drives, etc.
4. Pull out the memory card without switching the camera off
5. Format the computer hard drive or memory card
6. Turing off the digital camera during a write process
7. Apple partition map or catalog file is corrupted
8. A volume has been formatted/reformatted or inaccessible

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