Lynx3DM graphics chipset



Hi, we have an embedded system with a Lynx3DM chipset running Windows 2000
Pro. The Lynx3DM has both CRT and LCD outputs, but we don't use the LCD

If we boot the system with no CRT connected (which is often how it is used
as the user interface is usually not needed) the driver switches the output
over to the LCD output, and disables the CRT output. Even after
reconnecting the CRT and rebooting, the CRT output is still disabled. The
only way I have found to get it back is to change some values in the
registry, which I have to do in safe mode as I get no display otherwise.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem, or know a solution? I
would like it to still hold on to the CRT output if there is no CRT
attached, so that if a CRT is then plugged in it will display the picture
straight away.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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