LPD/LPR protocol restrictions in Windows 2000.


Henning Terkelsen

Hi all

I am stumbling across a limitation in the defaults LPD/LPR daemon on
windows (UNIX print services) and are looking for ways to overcome this.

The limitation is related to the use of TCP/IP buffers. I am not 100% sure
about the exact technical but I seems to recall that it has to do with
sending the total size of the job before sending any data .

In my application I have a keyword (Datatype) that indicate how TCP/IP LPR
data will be transmitted.

Keyword has two options MULTI or SINGLE

HELP text says:

"Certain TCP/IP LPD implementations require use of single data buffers, as
specified by setting this option to SINGLE (e.g. IBM AIX, Microsoft
Windows ).

SINGLE indicate that print output is buffered prior to transmission using
MVS dataspace"

To send LPR data to Windows 2000 i need to use SINGLE and for large
printjobs this requires a large data space on the client.

Eventually the client will blow the dataspace and cause and error.

Question is : If this is a know problem in UNIX print services , are there
any solutions to the problem.

Like alternative LPD/LPR daemon implementations that do not suffer from

greetings /Henning


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