lost administrator account



For some reason my account changed to limited and the administrator and all
other accounts are gone.
When I go in safe mode, I can not find the administrator accopunt to log on.
I can not create any new accounts because I have to have administrator



Steven L Umbach

The built in administrator account can not be deleted but the name can be
changed so one of the accounts you see in Safe Mode would be the built in
administrators account. If you do not know the password then you will have
to try extra procedures such as shown in the link below to try and access
the built in administrator account. Be sure to use no password in case one
was never created. You can use the command net localgroup administrators to
see what users are administrators. Since you can not account for what
happened to your computer however I would consider it compromised [infected
or hacked] and you may want to strongly consider having the operating system
reinstalled after backing up your data and configuration info but only after
you have learned steps to hopefully prevent future problems. -- Steve

--- Microsoft Protect Your PC must follow advice


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