Linking multiple worksheets in one workbook



I have a workbook that contains multiple worksheets that I need to "average"
the results in a new worksheet within the same workbook like a summary page.
For example, I have customer surveys from multiple clients that I enter
separately into one worksheet. My goal is to then gather all this information
into one summarized spreadsheet at the beginning of the workbook. How is this
accomplished? I'm not too familiar with the how-to's of doing this at all. I
an using Excel 2007.





In any worksheet, you can make references to cells in other worksheets. For
example, if i am on shset2 and I want to reference cell B6 in sheet one, the
correct syntax is =Sheet1!B6.

You can use functions like sum, average, etc the same way -- your cell
reference will have the sheet name and ! in from of it. Like:



Gord Dibben

Depends upon how you data is laid out on each sheet.

If your total in each sheet is same cell you can use


Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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