linking imported business contacts to accounts


Colin Foster

I've just imported all of my Outlook 2007 contacts into Business Contacts in
BCM2007. I then set up an excel spreadsheet so that I could reove duplicate
companies so that I could import them as Accounts (BCM2003 did this easily
via a wizard that seems to be missing from BCM2007 - you can import only as
Business Contacts, not as Accounts - unless someone has found a way)

Anyway, having taken that pain & hassle, I then want to link my Accounts &
Business Contacts to each other... interestingly, all of the Business
Contacts are linked to Accounts, but none of the accounts are linked to
Business Contacts.

So, the question that I'm asking (& answer probably dreading!!) is is ther
an easy way to complete this linking or do I have to unlink them all & then
re-link them?

Colin Foster


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