Linking external Files (such as .rtf or .doc files)



Hello fellow Access users,

I'm working on a database project that requires storing lots of non-tabular
data, such as visual organizers that could be in image format or could be
drawn in Microsoft Word or another Office program. I am curious to know if
anyone knows of a way to store this kind of data in a database, or to have
links to these kinds of external files if the database resides on a web

The database program is web-based and would be interfaced with Flash
components. The only idea I can come up with is if the program allowed for
files to be uploaded, and then linked in the database through a column with
the "hyperlink" data type associated with it. The only problem is how I can
allow a user to upload the file and give them the ability to link it to the

Thanks for any help and suggestions,


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