Linker error




I'm hoping this group might be able to provide some insight to the
problem I'm encountering. I appreciate in advance any feedback that is

We have been compiling our source code with the following
MS VS C++ 6.0
MS XP 2002 (sp1) desktops,
source control in CC (2003.06.00)
Symantec 8.1.1 (RTS)

Until now we have always used dynamic views, with local view storage,
and everything was building fine (I don't know the historical reason
for using the local view storage)

We are migrating to some newly developed tools, which require the
developers to use remote dynamic views. Considering the "local view
storage" to "remote" view change being the ONLY change involved, the
compile of a very specific subsystem/project is now failing (Error

After hours trying to debug the project makefile, reading MSDN
knowledge base and general google'ing, I haven't been able to come up
with anything specific. But then I remembered that real time virus
scanning can sometimes cause problems, so I disabled the RTS on my
desktop, and it worked!! Unfortunately, corporate policy requires us to
have the virus scan running, so I was looking for an alternate

Has anyone ever run into a similar problem? Again, I appreciate any


LINK : error : Internal error during ReadSymbolTable

ExceptionCode = C0000005
ExceptionFlags = 00000000
ExceptionAddress = 0040ED6B
NumberParameters = 00000002
ExceptionInformation[ 0] = 00000001
ExceptionInformation[ 1] = 00000000

Eax = 400700C8 Esp = 0012EAC4
Ebx = 3FFF0000 Ebp = 004695A8
Ecx = 42000040 Esi = 4007008C
Edx = 00000000 Edi = 3FFF01C0
Eip = 0040ED6B EFlags = 00010206
SegCs = 0000001B SegDs = 00000023
SegSs = 00000023 SegEs = 00000023
SegFs = 0000003B SegGs = 00000000
Dr0 = 0012EAC4 Dr3 = 3FFF0000
Dr1 = 004695A8 Dr6 = 42000040
Dr2 = 00000000 Dr7 = 00000000
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'link.exe' : return code '0xfffffffe'


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