Limited choice of project types


Greg Lilley

I am trying to learn Visual C++ .NET and am trying to go
through some of the walkthroughs. Many of these
walkthroughs say to open a new "Managed C++ Application".
Some of these walkthroughs have screenshots showing that
this is one of the templates available for selection.
However, when I select \File\New\Project\Visual C++
projects, I do not see this icon as one of the choices
available in the template window. With my version of the
development environment, after "Makefile Project" my next
choice is "MFC ActiveX Control." If I try a different type
of project, the walkthrough code usually doesn't work.

I am using version 7.1.3088 of Microsoft Development
Environment 2003. Was there some sort of installation
option that I missed that would have added the missing
project types to my project template window? Any advice is
much appreciated.

- Greg Lilley


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