Last record repeating in report



I have a linked ODBC database that I have created some
queries, forms and reports for in Access. I have a form
which the user selects the options they want
(Vendor- combo box, customer- combo box, start & end year-
text boxes, reporting period (q,m,yyyy)- combo box, start
& end period- text boxes, start & end location- text
boxes, region/dvision- radio button, cases or pounds-
radio buttons, category of goods- radio buttons.) All of
that to select the proper query. The queries work fine
when run by themselves. When generated from within the
report all but two repeat the last record. The number of
repeats appears to be random (from 4 to 158). If all of
the queries repeated the last record, I'd be able to track
the issue. The code is pulled from the Developers
Solutions samples. Any suggestions?


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