Konica Minolta - XP - Dentrix printing problem




I'm having a printing problem when I try to use a Konica Minolta 2300
DL Color Laser Printer and XPPro with a software called Dentrix
(software for dental offices). The printout is missing some text in
various printed boxes. I've successfully printed from computers with
Win98, WinME, and Win2000 using the Dentrix software package to this
networked Minolta 2300DL Color Laser Printer.

Dentrix claims that they do not support any of the Konica Minolta
printers. Konica Minolta claims it is an XP problem and I should
contact Microsoft. Microsoft does not have anything about this problem
in their knowledge base (that I could find). I've tried connecting the
2300DL as both a USB and a networked printer, but the Dentrix/XP/2300DL
printing problem exists in both instances. Dentrix and XP works
successfully with a HP4000 laser printer.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, John Murphy




Hi John
I suspect it is the application (they do say that they do not support that
printer), some applications bypass some of the operating system functionality
especially highly specialised applicatiions (medical and the like, they usually
do this for good reasons). If that is the case then there may be some strange
results. I can see no solution other than a different printer, one that is
supported by the application (not a pleasant option). Just a thought, some of
these specialised applications have their own built in print instructions with
an associated print button, I have seen one where selecting the windows print
function does not work but using the application print button does.
The one thing that makes me wonder is that you say it works OK with Win2000 but
not XP. Are you sure that your WinXP installation is sound? Maybe worth having
your PC resource (whoever that is) check!

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