KMODE_EXCEPTION bluescreen with SP4RP1

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Setup' started by Gordon Fecyk, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Gordon Fecyk

    Gordon Fecyk Guest

    I get a KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED blue screen in NTOSKRNL.EXE with the SP4
    Rollup Package 1. After unsuccessfully trying to replace the pre-RP1 files
    manually, I would up restoring my server's system volume from a backup.

    Fortunately, I store my logs, e-mail and Active Directory on a different
    volume, so I didn't lose anything I'd consider vital. SP4 and all patches
    since, except for RP1, seem to work fine. When Microsoft recommends storing
    your AD database on a different partition, this is why.

    The only thing I can point to is an older Adaptec AAA-UDMA RAID controller I
    run my server's hard drives from. The driver date is October 2001, and it
    includes a security catalog[1], but Device Manager insists that it wasn't
    signed by Microsoft. The device seems to work OK on SP4 but I once tried
    hooking up another machine's HD with SP4RP1, which also crashed with
    KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, except in CDA1000.SYS (the RAID driver) instead
    of in NTOSKRNL.EXE.


    Only this is the first time I could finger a previously-working device being
    at fault for breaking Win2K. It doesn't immediately make sense. What else
    would cause an unhandled kernel mode exception in SP4RP1 that wouldn't
    happen in plain SP4?

    [1] Ironically, the .cat file contains but a single line: "Place Holder For
    Windows 2000 Digital Signature for WHQL." I guess Adaptec never got around
    to fully testing their kit.

    PGP key (0x0AFA039E): <>
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    Gordon Fecyk, Aug 31, 2005
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