Kinda OT, anybody have XM or Sirius?


Dave C.

I keep hearing commercials, over and over and over again,

Stating that you can get a brand new Dell, HP or other name-brand computer system *or wireless laptop* with no credit check required, for only $29.99 per week for 12 months.

Sounds like a deal, huh? That's about $1560 for a Dell (or HP, or ???) computer system or wireless laptop.

What about if I order straight from Dell? Let's see...if I order straight from Dell, I can get a brand new Dell wireless laptop for $199, or "as low as" $15 per month.

OH! But what if I really want a Dell desktop system? Looks like I'll have to shell out $499 for that, or "as low as" $15/month. That's assuming I need a monitor, and it looks like the smallest one is 19" now.

Granted, that's an entry level desktop system with Vista. But if my budget is $1560? Wonder what I could get for that, from Dell. looks like their most expensive performance desktop with 22" monitor is $1299.

OH! But that doesn't include speakers. I knew there was a "catch". I guess I'd have to go spend ~$260 on a set of speakers for that system, stay within my budget of only $1560. If I order from Dell, the best brand of speakers they carry is Altec Lansing. Looks like I could get a pair of "Expressionist Bass" speakers for $136.

That should do it. Complete high-end Dell desktop system with speakers. Oh, but what am I going to do with the ~~~~~$124 left over?

So... anybody keen on ordering a $199 netbook or a $499 desktop computer system for a bargain price of only $1560? I can't wait to call that 800 number and fork over my credit card info...

(Anybody else think these guys should be prosecuted for fraud or something...or is it just me?) -Dave


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