Just Joke


Kate Luu

One beautiful day in the ZOO, a little Camel boy
suddenly ask his mother:

Son: Mom, Why does our eyes is so big compare to the
other animal?

Mom: Oh, dear. Our eyes must be big because in the
desert, every thing is not clear to see, and because
sand storm happen often, therefore we need to have big

Son: Mom, Why does our feet is too big?

Mom: Oh dear. Our feet must be big because we carry
lots of shit on our back, and we have to walk on sand,
so we need to have a big foot.

Son: Mom, Why our back is so big?

Mom: Oh dear. Our back needs to be big because we
store food and water in it. So, we can live in the
desert for long time without drink and eat.

Son: Why my .. so big and long?

Mom: Oh dear. God was gave you a good gifted. So, you
can scare the heck out of the women.

Son: After quiet for a while, suddenly he yelling:

So, what the heck I have to do with these things in
ZOO ? ? ?.......?....................?


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