just getting started, trying to select from two different tables


Matthew Dyer

2 tables named Data1 and Users

i want to select from Data1 AcctNum, Balance, Triad_FMV, then link/join to Users and pull agent, supervisor, and site from that table

then i'd like to specify midd ranges from data1, or even specify an agent values from Users to pull select records

Data1 has a Midd field that is used to assign ownership to Users.
Users table has AcctMin and AcctMax fiels for their midd ranges they own (ex 0-33, 34-66.... 966-999)

please let me know if i can better explain... like i said, just starting out and feel that if i can get a grasp on something like this then i'd be able to figure a lot of other stuff out. Prefer learning via old-school sql query instead of using wizards


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