Is it possible to open a subform when a checkbox is checked?



I am trying to populate different tables using a main, opened in add mode
from a switchboard, sub-form and then a second sub-form which I would like to
open and populate when a checkbox is checked.

Switchboard link - New Review
Main form - Center, (fields to populate being locationID, Manager, ReviewID,
Sup form - Supervisor (fields to populate from, main form being locatin ID,
Manager), I would like this form to query and display a list of all
supervisors in the supervisor tbl that match the location or manager, along
with a checkbox next to their name. I would also like the option to type in
a new supervisor name; and in doing so, the form will automatically populate
the location and/manager that is displayed the main form (Center) into the
Supervisor tbl.
Second Sub form - Review, (I would like this form to open as a subform when
a check box is checked, or a new name types in, and all matching fields
populate. Is this possible and, if so, how please?


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