Is it possible to get Oval shaped Bubbles?



I want to create a bubble chart that shows information in tw
dimensions, each bubble is a different size and oval.

For example
y axis shows price (0 to 500)
x axis shows percentage fit (0% to 100%)

the bubble, if the price was a range 100 to 400 and the percentage fi
was 10% to 20% would be oval shaped longer than wide.

the top of the bubble would be at 400, the bottom 100 (total 300 tall
and the left hand side would be at 10% the right at 20% (total 10

Does anyone know how to do this?



Jon Peltier

Hi Jennie -

Well, in principal this can be done. You can make an XY chart, and use
custom markers for each point, by drawing a shape (a lopsided oval, for
example), copying it, selecting the point in the chart, and pasting. You
could write a macro to run through a series of points, sizing the height and
width of each oval, then pasting it onto the appropriate point.

The hard part is getting the oval which is centered on 250 to actually
stretch from 100 to 400. Excel charts like to change the dimensions of their
elements at a whim, and your carefully crafted oval will no longer fit.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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