Is it possible to copywrite a workbook? Or other protection option



spent many months creating a pretty complex workbook. I would not like it
`nicked` by anyone else (may have some finantial value to it).
Is it possible to `copywrite` it?
What other ways can I stop others from copying it?

I have password protected the workbook (opening it).

It has a master sheet that I have password protected. Without this password,
the workbook is pretty useless as you have to enter important data into the
master sheet to make the rest useable. But could someone just create a new
master sheet, draw up the collumns and rows as in the original, delete my
master sheet and so lead the information in, via their own , now `unprotected
by password` new master sheet?

How all this makes sense.




Mike H


I know nothing about Copywrite but regarding protection would comment thus.

There is very little you can do to secure your workbook using Excel inbuilt
protection. It is flimsy and anyone with Google and a little knowledge and
determination can remove all your passwords and protection very quickly.



Thanks Mike. At lesat I know to be very carefull with where I put it now. Do
you know of any commercial protection products that can be bought to do a
better job?

Mike H


There are no commercial products that can improve Excel protection, on the
contrary there are many programs out there that compromise it.

Workbook to open paswords are slighty more difficult than internal passwords
but I have this product

and it does what it says on the box, Instant removal (virtually) for up to
E2003 and slower on e2007 but still succesful. Once a workbook is open then
things get much easier, read this:-

With regard to protecting code you could write you code using some third
party software and in it's compiled form as an addin it should be safe.



Ifor third party software you could use microsoft which is similar to
VBA. Both VBA and use similar microsoft libraries and would minimize
the changes you would need to make.


You can copyright just about anything that's an original work. Copyright is
primarily for "works of art" or things that don't have an actual output
product or perform work; a book, a drawing/painting. A copyright is actually
'granted' or put in effect as soon as you put the "Copyright by ME" notice on
it, assuming it is an original work. A Registered Copyright is the next
step, and requires more steps be taken.

As noted, the problem with copyright or even patents in the software world
is that reverse engineering can defeat them, as can password cracking tools.

If you have visions of distributing the product for profit and don't want to
go to the trouble/expense of rewriting it in something else, you might look
into a licensing product such as:
CryptoLicensing for ActiveX 2009
from LogicNP ( ).

That particular product says it can be applied to applications with VBA in
them. I cannot vouch for it in any way at this point in time. I've been
offered a gratis NFR (Not For Resale) license, which I've asked for but
haven't received yet and that's why I'm aware of the product.

A web search for a phrase like 'software license management software' will
reveal other, similar products, such as "EasyLicenser" from Agilis (to name
one that came up in my search). Again, I have no experience with the
product, so cannot say whether it's a solution for you or not.




An update:
I've just received notice from LogicNP that I'll be receiving my NFR license
shortly. That's a good thing!
I also looked into EasyLicenser some more, and inquired with them if it
worked with VBA (it does with VB). They informed me that it does NOT work
with products like Excel/Access. I must say they were very quick in their
response and courteous in informing me that the product did not work with VBA.

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