Interop - Cannot create folder in outlook when computer is domain



(posted this to the wrong group before, sorry)

I have an application (C# .NET 3.5) which needs to access Outlook.
I create new folders in the calendar folder and add AppointmentItems to it
(from the Office Interop libraries).

It works fine, but not if the computer is part of a domain where Outlook is
linked to Exchange.
When creating a new folder for example (to contain AppointmentItem objects)
I simply get an exception
"Cannot Create Folder"

Does anybody know what needs to be done in order to allow my application to
create folders in Outlook?

Another problem I'm facing is that with Outlook 2003 it seems the user can
only grant my
application access for 10 minutes. (Office 2007 does not seem to have this

The idea behind my application is that it runs in the background,
synchronizing with another data source
continuously. So they get a lot of messages form outlook asking to grant my
application access to Outlook.

Thank you.


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