Inter forest roaming profile migration



I want to migrate a roaming profile from forest1 to forest2. Data on server
has to be migrated, locally stored profiles will be deleted when workstation
is migrated. No or limited user interaction during migration.

Upon first logon, the user will download the migrated roaming profile from
new server to the client.

My goal is, i want to retain user-settings and data (outlook profile, office
profile etc).

Can ANYONE tell me what I have to do to migrate the profile data located on
the server. I do use ADMT but the only thing that ADMT does is migrate the
user-property data 'profile' in AD, it doesn't do anything with the data
(User.dat etc).

I know there are some ACL's in the registry which have to be migrated. I
know there may be some entries containing servernames, domain names etc that
do not exist anymore in the target forest. Does ANYONE know what effect, and
troubles, one can get when migrating profile to another forest?

Microsoft documentation lacks on information regarding roaming profile

Please Help



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