Intel Gigabit over RIS




I am trying to deploy XP Pro to a Dell Optiplex gx270
that has the new Intel Gigabit NIC (E1000325.inf) but
still get the error "The OS image you selected does not
contain the necessary drivers for your network adapter."
I have downloaded the 'special' E1000325.inf file from
Intel's site and replaced it in the $oem$\$1\Drivers\NIC
folder, and in the base XP Pro I386 folder, but still get
this error. SP1a has been slipstreamed into the base XP
image. In the .sif file, I have OEMPreinstall set to
YES, and DriversigningPolicy set to IGNORE and
PnPDriversPath set to \Drivers\NIC. I have restarted the
BINL service as well, but still no go.

What else could I be missing?


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