Installation and Cleanup of AutoUpdating Application?



Our application has an auto-update feature, which is wreaking havoc with the
MSI "auto-repairing" shortcuts, and with removing our application cleanly.

My question is...

1) Can we update the "picture" that Windows sees of our application, to
determine if it needs to repair? When we download a new DLL to the client
machines, or remove one that is no longer needed, the shortcut thinks it
needs to repair our application. I know you can change the MSI to create a
"normal" shortcut using Orca, but I was hoping we could do this
programmatically in our updater code and keep the advanced shortcut.

2) When we download a new DLL to the clients via auto-update, "Add/Remove
Programs" apparently doesn't know about this and no longer can perform a
clean uninstall. As with #1, how do we inform Windows what our "new"
application looks like so that it is uninstalled properly?



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