install xp home on new hd


John Kramer

I had to rebuild my computer after it crashed and took
out about everything including my hd's, dvd rom and I
think messed my cdr rw drive up. I'm getting a new cd
rom tomorrow and I think I'm just going to start all
over. The problem is when I loaded the xp cd it did all
the partitioning and formating with NTFS. The problem is
it made my hd the F: drive. I didn't have a choice. It
put my cd drives and at the time I still had my cameras
card reader plugged in the usb, in front of it. When I
installed my zip drive, it made it c:, my card reader d:
and my cd e:. I want my hd to be c:. It's a Maxtor
80gig 1 drive no extra partitions. How can I get it to
be c: again. I know if I ran fdisk from my win ME then
loaded ME, then upgraded to xp it would be c:. I can't
believe xp would make it f:. After all I can't install
without a cd rom drive. Any ideas? Can I just reformat
from the xp cd, but how do I make it make it c:?



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