Install Vista (got problems then read this)



Ive found a solution to installing RC1 on your computer first off burn the
iso file as microsoft say on there instructions so they got that right so do
that then load the dvd in your dvd drive and copy the whole contents of your
burned dvd to a folder on ur desktop then copy all the files to ur dvd drive
and then burn the dvd once burning has finished load the new cd and throw the
old one away and it WILL work cos it worked here and ive installed windows
vista rc1 32bit on my machine and heres some news for microsoft apart from
yuor "horrid way" of making these files i have just pre-ordered my copy of
vista from pcworld definetly better then xp!

So there u go some easy instructions for those who cant get the setup to
work. And yes i originally did what microsoft said and got the "setup error"
but now i have no errors and works fine.



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