Install of Mirrored Server on New Hardware

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We are implementing a clustered enviroment and have a need to duplicate our
current server onto a second server with different hardware.

We would prefer to not have to do a standalone instalation and reinstall all
the software / patches / and fixes that we have had to apply and work
through with the current server.

To do this we plan on doing the following:
Software mirror the current partitions onto a new disk
Put the mirrored disk into the new server
Boot to the install cd
Choose install then repair the current instalation

It is our assumptuion that this process will run though the setup of windows
while leaving all the software settings installed and intact. We need to do
this in oreder to have setup re-run the hardware wizard so that we can setup
the hardware in the second server.

Can anyone confirm that this will or will not work?

Please respond to the group. Thank You.


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