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(First Copy this Text in your editor)

Translated Text (sorry if the Text is not in good grammer).

I have earned over 40,000 Euros after participate in this program.
Before short, I have myself in the following mails - list registered.

Later I got an E-MAIL, that said me, how and where I get IMMEDIATELY a money
in opening - gift of more than 20 Euros. In addition I earn WITHOUT EDITIONS
at a system with more than 4 steps. It is obvious that such information is
not told simply cost-free at all world. The mails - list with which I had
registered me, informed me per E-MAIL about this new business.

Now I have you only one of the many money - salaries named, become you over
that informed after registration.

The advantage in THIS mail - list - registration is:

- For the registrations in the E-mail-list I get money
- After the registration receive I knowledge over money and would earn in
addition, more than I in the mail - list - registrations would receive.

I was read had to beginning also sceptical, but as I the letter, knew I that
I get also something good for my money, and have invests above all, MORE
than I.
ONLY if I get something, the other can earn also, is that the logical
Can if you earn in an investment of 12 Euros / 12 U.S. dollars or 12 British
pounds (sterlings) of thousand and also hundred cable envoy, you not would
transmit yourself information that bring you yet more money???
Therefore it is entirely clear that the applicant sends also the information
REALLY at the registered, unlike in so-called " mail - lists ", where one
waits long on that (usually in vain).
Swell through the further money - is certain, that THIS program functions,
or would become you you in comparison with 100,000 with only 12 Euros /
satisfied give 12 U.S. dollars or 12 British pounds (sterlings)?

I got, above all, more in my investment of 12 Euros already in short time
than that hundredfold thanks to which mail - information.

If you decide to register you in the mail - list, would follow the

You become now part at the mail order business:

Would follow the directions:

1 stepped:
If you are yet no Paypal-user, a user COST-FREE - account (Premium - basis -
account) opens now in Paypal. Paypal is with more than 96 million users and
with representation in more than 56 countries of one of the most certain
money - transfers - business worldwide.

click up:

(should that be left not active, would copy it please into your browser)

Stepped 2:
Would register you in the " mail - list".
Send 12 Euro / 12 US - Dollar or 12 British Pounds (sterling) at the FIRST
mail-address per mail
- For use-purpose you write: " Service "
- For E-mail-reference you write: " Mail - list "
How you can send money, you find on the web page of Paypal simply declared.

The present list:

(#1) (e-mail address removed)
(#2) (e-mail address removed)
(#3) (e-mail address removed)

Through the fast payment per enamel and the reception, it lasts only few
Would meet until you get the information per E-MAIL.
As soon as your registration arrived in the receiver, you get further
information / insider - knowledge. Would keep in mind always, ONLY if you
also salary, earn other with.

Would follow steps 3 FIRST THEN AFTER you received the information /
insiders - knowledge.
Only if you have the information / insiders - knowledge, you can transmit
this also.
Here it does not concern simply only mail - earn collections, but rather
around CORRECT money.

Stepped 3:
Now that would paint see #1 of the list that you above and back the other
names after.
The address at the position #2 you write on position #1
The address at the position #3 you write on position #2
After that you write YOUR address on position #3.

Was ready on an exciting and interesting type, to earn money.


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