Inserting image, clip art, and/or shape


Christopher Glenn

Using Office XP Pro. First I tried every possible menu item, then I
read, then reread, associated help files.

I can't seem to ask the right question so Word can give me a simple
"how to."

Hopefully y'all can redirect me in the correct direction so I can
figure it out myself.

I have a one page flyer. The first several lines are centered and not
long, so that I have nice clean areas to the left and right at the top
into which I would like to insert something. I have problems drawing,
so I want to use either a canned image (jpg), clipart, or an

I tried inserting an autoshape (one of the stars). I was able to get
it positioned and sized, but it would not 'overtype,' rather it
inserted, shoving aside the text. What I mean is I was unable to get
the shape and the text on the same lines. The shape extends
vertically for about 3-4 inches, so the best I could do was to put a
star in the upper left, and the text started on the line below the

I'd really rather insert one of Word's cliparts. I could not get
anywhere on this. I could not find a simple "how to" when I entered
clip art in the help box. LOTS of information, but no step by step




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